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At times, the best place to look for inspiration to fly high and be impactful is from nature. The order of execution by wild dogs is forever a marvel of leadership and teamwork. With a success rate of up to 85 percent in every hunting expedition, one becomes eager to know the principles that make this pack of dogs tick an inspiration to every member of team. One such discipline comes in the form of Leadership on Demand, which exemplies teamwork par excellent. When on the hunt, the dog on the most strategic point and position of strength leads the pack. In as much as the social structure is observed, when duty calls, anyone can assume leadership to get the job done.

When going after prey, a change of direction means the leader dog is now in a disadvantaged position. The same applies when the one on the lead gets tired. Within a flash of a second, the leadership changes from one to the other. It is the need and demand that determines who is going to engage in certain activity.

The alpha female is the head of the pack but on occasion when she gives birth, other dogs look after her and bring food from the hunt even for the pups. The fact that she is the leader of the pack doesn’t mean she does all the work.

Leadership is never meant for the select few. Everyone has a position or space where they add the greatest value. Realizing that the assignment is not for one is crucial in winning big. The principle of the big picture should be known by all and sundry. With due respect to the positions and titles that people have in different establishments, the primary goal ought to take precedence over minor personal goals. The ‘We’ should always be bigger than the ‘Me’. Selflessness ought to be the order of every team player than thinking primarily in terms of selfishness.

When it falls upon a player to represent the team as a leader, it doesn’t mean the player has all of a sudden become superior to the system that has given them the opportunity. Instead, as the dictates of servant leadership would say, that leader is only there to serve. Service to the team is not permanent, it is only for a season just like the lead dog that is in an advantaged position probably for only a few minutes until the circumstances change. Being successful in a particular assignment doesn’t make you the front runner in all the other assignments that follow. There are other players more competent and committed than you after your major exploits.

The wild dogs continue to display the power of a leadership relay whereupon when one has run their lap, they should quickly pass the baton. Many organisations and teams with great potential have missed on opportunities because those on the forefront keep on running long after they have grown tired. It is only logical and prudent enough to quickly pass the baton when your time is up. There are other players who are ready to run and make the team proud.

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Noah Mangwarara

NOAH MANGWARARA is an international leadership coach and transformational speaker, renowned team building expert and Author with traceable footprints of positive impact and experience of more than 20 years spanning Southern, East and West Africa. He is the author of several books on Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Strategy and Public Speaking.

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When the goal is not known, a lot of energy can be wasted in the pursuit of other agenda not in line with why the team exists in the first place. Great teams place a priority in building a common goal and communicating it to very member. In teams that have developed the habit of winning together, the WE is always bigger than the ME of each individual member. The emphasis on the WE comes from knowing the WHY of the team, which is addressed by the unifying force – the common goal. The existence of the common goal makes the entire team work towards the same thing.  It is challenging and frustrating to the team if each member feels that they are more important than the team or their personal agenda supersedes the team’s goal. The team should be seen for what it is – always bigger than the individual team members regardless of how talented the team member might be individually, cementing the fact that there is no I in a Team.

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