Zimbabwe’s specialists in Team Building activities, events and transformation

Noah’s Ark Coaches delivering at an event

It ddoesn’t matter where you are across the country, the Ark Coaches will come right where you are to deliver Team building activities and events.

For teams that Communicate effectively, are cohesive, with committed and courageous team members, our coaches have all the tricks in the bag to bring about total transformation.

If you want to increase productivity amongst team members, outwit the competition and quickly adapt to change in a dynamic environment then the specializes team packages that we offer come in handy.

Ours is not an off the shelf offering but we strive at understanding your unique needs bearing in mind that each team is different hence requires a different approach to deal with.

We listen to you first as a way of establishing a firm foundation to communicate effectively with the team. We use our Motivational flair to improve confidence and commitment to bring about great results Noah’s Ark events are lively, high energy programmes which unite for the good of all.

Our programmes include but are not limited to

One day outdoor team building

One day team building event with Noah’s Ark Coaches

Team building retreat

Team building paces away from the office with Team Building Coaches from Noah’s Ark

Team building adventures and camping

Strategic planning and team building retreat

After a Team Building Session with a Team at Mbizi Game Park

Diversity iin the workplace

Making team building happen with the energetic coaches from Noah’s Ark.

Primary Heading

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