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Noah’s Ark Team Building Services are the masters and game changers in team building training events, team building venues, team building facilitation, team motivation talks, leadership development, management training, corporate outdoor sessions, outdoor team building adventures, team building activities, team building games, team building packages, conference speaking, end of year parties and corporate fun days in Zimbabwe and beyond.

We deliver Mind-blowing, Motivating and Memorable Team Building and Teamwork Training programmes to our clients in Zimbabwe and beyond. Our team of Facilitators and Coaches are seasoned world class practitioners with a touch that leaves everyone mesmerized with the touch of quality. There is no one who understands the corporate terrain in Zimbabwe like Noah’s Ark Team Building Services, having facilitated programmes in all the ten provinces in different venues and to a diversity of teams.

We offer corporate team building programmes aimed at bettering corporate communication, employee morale, collaboration, commitment, goal congruency and clarity of roles. It is our conviction that a team that lacks communication will never achieve much. It doesn’t matter how talented the team members are but if each one is pulling in their own direction, the intended results will never be realized. Our approach is to emphasis on big picture thinking where the goal is more important than the role in as much as the ‘Me’ must be subject to the ‘We’. The interactions that we have with different teams have honed within us the understanding that employee morale is central to productivity. We therefore incorporate a motivational and inspirational flare to all our programmes.

The activities that we offer in our sessions are not designed merely for the sake of just playing and having fun, leaving people tired without any clue as to what was going on. Instead, the activities are developed to align with the specific needs of each team, taking into consideration the diversity that each team is comprised of. Our games and activities are likewise filled with a lot of lessons and take always that can be used when the participants get back to their workplaces. Emphasis is on the creation of memories that can be taken back to the workplace for the good of the team and conversion into tangible results, pointing to a positive return on investment.

Our engaging team building activities are both indoor and outdoor, mind activities physical, adventure sessions and fun related excursions. Our knowledgable and experienced facilitators know how to conduct these activities to enable the team to bond and perform at exceptional levels.

In addition to the team building programmes that we offer as Noah’s Ark, we have a lot of other human capital development programmes that we offerthrough our sister entity Noah’s Ark School of Leadership. The programmes on offer include Strategy and Conference Facilitation, Board Induction and Training, Customer Service, Staff Motivation, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Credit Management and Debt Collection Training, Sales Training, Change Management, Personal Development, Life Skill Training, Stress Management, Leadership Development, Time Management, Effective Communication, Corporate Governance, Team work, Personal Branding, Marketing strategy, Teachers and Prefects Training.

Noah Mangwarara

Noah Mangwarara

NOAH MANGWARARA is an international leadership coach and transformational speaker, renowned team building expert and Author with traceable footprints of positive impact and experience of more than 20 years spanning Southern, East and West Africa. He is the author of several books on Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Strategy and Public Speaking.

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