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In quality control, there is a concept called feed forward control. It essentially says if the input is correct, with all the systems and people in their rightful positions, the output tends to take care of itself. The other extreme is equally right, if the input is of poor quality there is little magic that can be performed to right the output. At the center of all production and service provision are the people who run the systems and drive everything forward. If the people are not firing from all cylinders, there is no guarantee the output will be good enough. The same principle of feed forward control applies to manpower in greater magnitude. Great teamwork is built from the point of entry. Getting it right from the recruitment process goes a long way in building up a formidable team. People are however exceptional in that even though they might have the knowhow, productivity can drop as a result of the goings on in the environment or other developments within the workplace that can water down their morale. The need for continuous motivation and inspiration cannot be ignored for long.

Great sports team commit to continuous training if they are to win games. Winning a game today is no assurance that another win will come tomorrow. It is on record how highly profitable entities fall in the doldrums because of failure to keep pace with the tempo of the operating environment. Members of the team ought to keep on pushing to get the best out of each other. At times, it’s not a matter of looking for reasons why the performance would be falling. In a number of cases, failing to sharpen the axe is the major cause of reduced productivity. Like a piece of machinery that undergoes servicing from time to time, the nuts and bolts of every team ought to be oiled from time to time as a way of keeping the tempo high.


At Noah’s Ark Team Building Services, we are convinced that every human being requires continuous activation and motivation to keep them on the go. Without the inspiration and updating of the skills set, many with great potential quickly wane away, with the great value locked within them failing to reach fruition. Our experience has honed within us the belief that inspired teams achieve great results as we have witnessed mediocre teams rising to greatness as a result of heighted concern over their affairs, inspiration and motivation unto great results.

We ignite the passion and nurture self-belief. Many team members lose their confidence as a result of what life presents to them, with their performance falling dismally. In the same mode that waters down their confidence, inspiration can play the same role in reigniting the lost mojo. Purpose is usually lost because of pressures and frustration inherent in the environment. In the same commotion and hullaballoo, some teams remain focused, identifying great opportunities in the process. It comes down to knowing that all is not lost. Football teams have come back from a three nil score line with few minutes remaining of the game to winning a major championship. The secret to such great comebacks lies in inspiration and motivation. What’s been achieved before can likewise be achieved by your team. With spirited effort from everyone through the ranks and file of the team, there is nothing that can stop them from achieving great results.

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Noah Mangwarara

NOAH MANGWARARA is an international leadership coach and transformational speaker, renowned team building expert and Author with traceable footprints of positive impact and experience of more than 20 years spanning Southern, East and West Africa. He is the author of several books on Leadership, Motivation, Teamwork, Strategy and Public Speaking.

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